Cameron Bossard    

DJ Cameron Bossard had its first contact to the electronic music in the year 1988.  Approximately at the beginning of the 90's it argued then for the first time with the music style "House".  Since he was fascinated by the music and the impact of the Housescene, Cameron Bossard fell in love with this special music style.
Inspired of all that it it took only half a year and he already got its first resident DJ job in the Alkatraz Club in Speyer followed by the residency in the legendary Loft in Ludwigshafen.

It is to be mentioned that Cameron stood as DJ already quite young (as he's now 25 years) behind the Turntables of clubs. This contributes naturally to the fact that he is considered nowadays as a connoisseur of his subject and so that experience in its area bring along a quantity.  Indeed this is an advantage.... 

Now established by several Gigs with wellknown names like David Morales, Dave Warren, Stacy Kid, Cameron shrinks from neither a back2back with the personalities of our scene still Life appearances (3 record player set), which go beyond a longer period.  Therefore he earns it indeed as a large talent to be recognized.  By co-operation with the Xana Pyle agency (management) and Mostwanted DJ's (Booking Agency with DJ's such as David Morales, Sidney Court, Robby Riviera, Bad Boy Bill, Gene Farris u.s.w.)  as well as DJ's and good friends, like nod bricklayers & James Courd (Greenskeepers), Bear Who? and DJ John Foreman could win Cameron Bossard many scene trailers for itself.  Also the White Lotus Club in Frankfurt, Germany belongs for Cameron to the most important addresses in the reference to quality House Music. At present he DJ's and is working in the studio doing productions within the range Chicago House.

Cameron Bossards unusual music style contains a Touch refined by American, very Chicago focused House (also US garage), partly with European influences of the Housemusic.  In connection with it experimental Beats (broken Beats) is along-also-mixed.  The birth of a very special style is hereby achieved.  DJ Cameron Bossard gives the Houseszene by its inspiration, its enormous consciousness for music purism, its technical talents and his special kind with the necessary flexibility and variety certain the something.  Phaenomenal is it, how he heats the Clubber and trailer of this scene in such a way with ease that you forget space and time.










some clubs he played in:

Loft House, Ffm - Germany
Loft, Lu - Germany
Bosa, Athens - Greece

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